Why Writing Christmas Cards Warms Me Up

December 4, 2008 at 10:51 pm | Posted in holidays, social, Uncategorized | Leave a comment
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Photo taken by krisdecurtis @ Flickr

Photo taken by krisdecurtis @ Flickr

My favorite part of the holidays is writing Christmas and holiday cards. 🙂 Even with Facebook and email and all these methods of keeping in contact, this remains the time of year I can reach out to the people that have touched my life in some way. I write to everyone:  old professors, current professors, distant friends, new acquaintances, friends’ parents, old co-workers, old employers, family, friends, business contacts, and even the bank tellers and baristas I make small talk with on a regular basis.

Writing these Christmas cards allow me to slow down and focus on each individual and acknowledge them, thank them, and appreciate them. I write these cards to close distances that grow between friends and me, to thank people who have helped and/or influenced me, and to rebuild any bridges that have been burnt down between us. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to indulge in being completely sentimental without feeling like a goof. Sitting down to write these cards, I always feel a strange but strong urge to just be completely open and honest in my words. It feels so good to get them off my chest.

I hope that the recipients of my Christmas cards take pleasure in them as well. I recommend writing a card to everyone you know, especially those whom you’ve lost touch with; it is oddly liberating. 🙂


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