3 Coloring Tutorials

January 6, 2009 at 2:29 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

For my aspiring artistic audience, I want to share a few coloring tutorials I’ve collected on DeviantArt. I’m a tutorial addict. I don’t get to use many of the tutorials I find but I felt it’d be a sin for me to keep these away from the public.

+CRAYOLA WATERCOLORS TUTORIAL+ by =beautiful-shinigami on deviantART
It’s not always about the tools you use (although sometimes, it is) but how you use them and beautiful-shinigami proves it. This may be a good tutorial for people who want to try out watercolor but don’t want to dish out the money on the tools just yet. If you want to shoot for that classic watercolor anime style, look here.

Marker Tutorial Thinger… by ~Atomic-Clover on deviantART

My weapon of choice has grown to be the Prismamarker, unwieldy to inexperienced hands but a powerful medium when harnessed. true, Atomic-Clover uses a couple of Copic markers here too but with careful color selection, I think you can harvest the same effect. The colors I usually use for white skin is eggshell for the base and then light peach to build value.

How I Color With Photoshop
by Twisted666 (Now MushroomTale )

Twisted666’s tutorial was one of the first Photoshop coloring tutorials I’d come across and I reference it even now. Coloring via Photoshop, I feel, is still far from my strong point but this tutorial never fails to help me out. 🙂

Interestingly, I use Photoshop tutorials to help me with my coloring in general. I’ll adopt some of the same points and techniques with markers. Looking at tutorials, then, can help develop your skills in less obvious ways if you try to keep an open mind and apply it elsewhere.

Hope these tips help!


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