Thrive America: The Graphic Journey

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I’m thrilled to announce that one of my clients has released installments of his interview series, Thrive America. Brent was such a pleasure to work for and I learned so much from him just in the past two months. I wanted to exhibit the development of the Thrive America logo from the very first sketches to its debut on the Thrive America homepage.


I drew these during the shooting of the Chris Heuser interview. Before then, I admit I had a difficult time coming up with ideas. To be immersed in the Thrive America process injected me with a geyser of ideas! I loved it.


Brent and his team reached a consensus and shrunk the sketches down to three contestants, mixing and matching their favorite elements.



One thing I learned while making this logo is that fonts are damn hard to match up! I made the mistake of committing to the font I had used in my sketches so I ended up frustrating myself in the end. I decided that this font was the closest I could find and that I would have to just revise my design around it.

Still, There are something lacking in this copy. it mirrored the sketch decently but the elements seemed too detached …


It was during this project that I also learned the value of a mentor. I met Michael Harper (Head Writer of Blank Stage but he has such an extensive resume that I don’t think any one title can contain him) and though our relationship has been short, he has given me incredible advice on freelancing. He suggested the fade in graph and I must say, it vastly improved the design.


Big jump. The faded intersection of the rays and the graph created a novel resemblance of the US flag. Michael and I both felt that “America” was too light in the former revisions so here, I tried to add more weight. But…


… we ultimately decided on this one. It’s simple and classic enough to capture “America” and a good contrast to the “Thrive” font.


You can see the logo here on the Thrive America homepage. I strongly suggest both budding and seasoned entrepreneurs to check out these interviews and pick up a few tips on growing your business!



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  1. Love them all!!!

    You do great work!

  2. H – you have to watch the video on the bottom of this page…

  3. I love it Havana! It is very interesting to see the thought process, and the various changes that were made to end with such a great logo.

  4. Brent, thanks so much! πŸ˜€

    Theresa, I’m glad you like the logo! Yeah, this project definitely opened my eyes. πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for the kind words, Havana, but I think you’re over-emphasising my role in all this. You did all the “heavy lifting,” and the logo came together beautifully.

    You do good work, girl!

    We’ll get together for coffee soon!

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