I <3 Blogging Entry: The World Is Waiting For You

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Goodness, I can’t believe I am so nervous about this. I just submitted a design to the I ♥ Blogging contest; mind you, I haven’t been in a art/design contest for a years.

The original:


The entry file:


My comments: Blogging is a phenomenon that lets ordinary individuals spread their ideas throughout the world. You don’t have to be a politician or a celebrity to be heard. You don’t need a personal jet. The blogosphere tears down geographic boundaries and this revolution is illustrated in my “I ❤ Blogging” entry. Blogging flattens the globe and is quickly changing the way we give and receive information.

Wish me luck!


Action Coach

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Rick Crain is an Action Coach who asked me to design a graphic for his presentation on team building for executives. His presentation revolves around the idea that executive success is based on the four A’s:

  • Awareness: Becoming aware of counterproductive habits
  • Adjustment: Changing those habits
  • Alignment: Optimizing your team to move towards an ultimate goal
  • Automation: Developing a committed team that can perform by itself
  • Even in our small encounters, he teaches me so much about business. I was honored to work on a project for Rick. Here are some pictures from the process:











    Post-Momocon ’09

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    First off, warmest welcomes to site visitors from Momocon!


    Had a great time at Momocon this year! That’s my fiance and me at the art table. We got to talk to so many people; it just filled me with energy! I didn’t get to make nearly as much as I did last year but I did make a lot of new connections. I can’t believe they hit 10,000 people! They’re either going to have to start charging or move to a new venue! I was impressed but I also felt bad for the staff. 😦

    So someone expressed a bit of interest in getting drawing lessons from me. If that goes well, maybe I can add that to my repertoire in the future …

    Aside from that, the highlight of the con was getting a picture with a Spiderman cosplayer and exclaiming, with a crazy grin across my face, “We’re gonna get married!

    Chiephaz Business card and Momocon posters

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    Posting two projects today. First is a business card for a hip-hop production company:


    And here are two versions of the finished Momocon poster:



    Momocon Poster: WIP

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    I’m designing a promo poster for Momocon and this is what I’ve got so far:


    The theme this year is cheesy 50s sci-fi and when I looked it up, I found this quote interesting:

    “People, by the 50s, had lost their optimistic confidence in the ability of science to fulfill all the dreams of mankind; instead, you saw science about to fulfill all the nightmares of mankind. The prospect of nuclear war . . . was hours away.” – J.G. Ballard<

    So I ran with the idea and came up with this design. 🙂 Momocon is the 14th and 15th of March; look for me in the Artist’s Alley! I will be selling commissions and prints!

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