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Havana the Graphic Artist

Havana Nguyen is a freelance graphic artist and owner of Kokoro Graphix, a business dedicated to providing attractive, unique, and creative graphic design solutions to businesses, organizations, and individuals. Her areas of expertise include logos, business cards, letterheads, web art, brochures, advertisements, among others. Her multi-faceted and open-minded approach to graphic design enables her to design attractive and consistent solutions which serve to streamline company image and boost sales.

Havana is also known for her work as an independent artist, having expressed herself through this medium for over eighteen years. She specializes in cartoons and Japanese anime but is capable of working in a wide variety of artistic idioms. She has successfully sold her art at conventions throughout the southeastern United States and has captured the attention and adoration of fans of all ages across the world.

Havana’s Inspiration

Havana’s primary source of inspiration comes from her love and appreciation of the world around her. She has a personal commitment to helping those around her to reach the success she has achieved as a graphic designer and independent artist. As someone who previously dealt with social anxiety, she struggled to overcome this to jump-start her career and has a special empathy for individuals with similar issues.

She draws inspiration in art and in life from her fascination and wonderment of the universe and her ever-evolving interest in astronomy. Although external inspirations are a big part of Havana’s creative drive, her wild imagination has inspired her to continuously refine her artistic skills


Havana has built her freelancing career out of a modest blog. She juggles running a business with a full-time schedule as an International Affairs major at Kennesaw State University.Throughout her college years, she has taken marketing, business communication, and foreign affair courses.

in Spring 2009, she served Legacy Owls Toastmasters as Secretary and dabbled in marketing the group, helping the groupraise membership by 30%. In her free time, she volunteers for local humanitarian causes with her school’s Kiwanis Club.

Havana recently achieved Dean’s List of Distinction for Spring 2009.


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