Stop Overthinking Social Media!

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If you’re frustrating yourself trying to find the “secret” to social media, STOP!

I want to share a couple of golden articles I found enlightening. Scott Berkun wrote an article about The Bullshit of Social Media and how social networking sites are just new tools to do an ancient art:

We have always had social networks. Call them families, tribes, clubs, cliques or even towns, cities and nations.  You could call throwing a party or telling stories by a fire “social media tools”. … These tools may improve how we relate to each other, but at best it will improve upon something we as a species have always done. Never forget social networks are old. The best tools will come from people who recognize, and learn from, the rich 10,000+ year history of social networks.

John C. Welch says we’re overthinking social media:

All this shit, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed, DoucheBlog, all of it, is just people talking to each other, in a fairly direct way. It’s analgous to a telephone. You don’t really think much about the phone system, it’s only there to allow you to talk to someone far away. Same thing for online shit. It can be a one to one, one to many, many to one, many to many, or all of the above, but it’s just people talking to each other.

John has a pretty brash tone for some, but he certainly drives home the point. 🙂

Stone Payton also showed me a series of videos that give simple explanations of social media and social networking:

As I find more help resources on the web, I will post them! 🙂 Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @havanachan.


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