10 Ways to Promote An Event

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My launch party finally happened last Wednesday on April 22nd! Thanks to everyone who attended! It meant so much to me. I think we were a record-breaker in turnout and anticipation for ImprovAstorm! Seeing so many people from different parts of my life blend together under one roof was so surreal to me.

I do admit that my launch party was also my way of creating awareness for ImprovAstorm. What is ImprovAstorm? ImprovAstorming is a Blank Stage-exclusive event in which they round up improv actors to churn out commercial, marketing, and campaign ideas for business owners.

It was so much fun. I couldn’t believe all the ideas they came up with! You can see a couple of them (and these weren’t even the best!) in the embedded video above!

The ImprovAstorm taught me so much about promoting events. I’ve tried to promote events before but with little success. This was indeed a learning experience.


10 Ways To Promote An Event

  1. Promote the event way ahead of time. Not always possible but promoting it a month and a half beforehand gave me time to find different ways to get the word out, remind people about the event, provide information, and prepare the event accordingly.
  2. Use social media. Facebook helped me reach my entire network easily and tell them about the event. It also helped me disperse information, keep track of attendants, send mass notifications, and create chatter about it.
  3. Use strategy in invitation. Brent gave me the idea to first invite the people closest to me whom I know would be coming, and then invite people whom may or may not come. Seeing that there are already people on the list is social proof. It also creates comfort to know who is coming. The list of attendees just snowballed!
  4. Bring it up in conversation. Often. Be sincerely excited, though! Keeping up my own excitement level became contagious. There were folks who were looking forward to the 22nd since February! Ramp up anticipation and you will build participation.
  5. Guests come first! Your guests are like your customers: they come first. Make an effort to ensure entertainment, food, and atmosphere. I paid special attention to my guests pre-event and post-event and did my best to facilitate a comfortable, chatty environment. I got good feedback so I hope I did a good job!
  6. Individually invite guests. I learned this from an officer from the KSU Kiwanis Club: people are more likely to respond to an individual email than a mass email. Take a minute to write out a couple of sentences or call a guest and tell them that you’re excited to have them be a part of your event. Again, be sincere! Insincerity is often transparent. Make your guests feel like kings and queens!
  7. Delegate host duties. I wish I had asked a couple more people to help me welcome guests instead of flying solo. I ended up conversation-hopping and it was overwhelming being the only one overlooking the crowd. Gather the social butterflies and ask them to help welcome guests, warm up wallflowers, and create conversations between people.
  8. Keep in mind flake rate. Because I had so many people wanting to come to the event, I had to cut down the list to 50 due to the room capacity. Even then, I still had a marginal flake rate. People will have to cancel at the last minute for various reasons. next time, I’ll go ahead and invite more people to fill in the flake rate. πŸ™‚
  9. Take the opportunity to break out news and accomplishments! My new business name, Kokoro Graphix, and logo made their debut on April 22. Make announcements and celebrate while you have your supportive audience there with you. Letting your guests know first makes your event special.


  10. Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare food. Fortunately, the food I chose was simple but it would have been far less stressful if I didn’t procrastinate!

The success of your event is a result of your effort! Have any other tips on promoting events? Share them in the comments!


Post-Momocon ’09

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First off, warmest welcomes to site visitors from Momocon!


Had a great time at Momocon this year! That’s my fiance and me at the art table. We got to talk to so many people; it just filled me with energy! I didn’t get to make nearly as much as I did last year but I did make a lot of new connections. I can’t believe they hit 10,000 people! They’re either going to have to start charging or move to a new venue! I was impressed but I also felt bad for the staff. 😦

So someone expressed a bit of interest in getting drawing lessons from me. If that goes well, maybe I can add that to my repertoire in the future …

Aside from that, the highlight of the con was getting a picture with a Spiderman cosplayer and exclaiming, with a crazy grin across my face, “We’re gonna get married!

Toastmasters Officer Conference

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Taken by gadget_virtuouso

Taken by gadget_virtuouso

I went to my first networking event Saturday. Some of you may remember that I became an officer for my campus Toastmasters club last week. There was an Officers Training Conference this weekend and I had a blast meeting so many people there. I wish I brought a camera to show you how crowded the facility was.

It was a great experience. As the conference progressed, I realized that everyone here, whether they’d been involved with Toastmasters for ten months or ten years, started where I am now. On Friday, I have my first icebreaker speech. My nerves are rattled but I feel good about it. I know I’ll feel better afterwards having done it and I’ll feel better knowing specifically what I will need to work on. Knowing that I am facing these fears with a network of supportive, empathetic people fills me up with courage.

It also fills me up with a fresh urge to spread awareness of Toastmasters across the campus. I am so surprsied when people haven’t heard of the group, much less the fact that there is a KSU chapter. Last week, I posted sketches of the flyers and banners I designed. Here’s a copy of the banner so far:

Legacy Owls Toastmasters

I just need to receive the blurb about Legacy Owls and then a picture of an owl. πŸ™‚

I am going to record my icebreaker speech but I’m not sure at this moment whether or not I want to post it. πŸ˜‰ Let’s see how it goes!

Toastmasters Flyer & Banner Sketches

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What an eventful week! Not only have I been officially inducted as a new member at the Cobb County Branch for Toastmasters, I am also now the Secretary for the Legacy Owls Toastmasters! Tomorrow, I will be attending a very last-minute officer training program from 8:00 am to 1:00pm. I will learn to organize notes about meetings and be in charge of marketing the club on campus; I’m always surprised to see that so many students at Kennesaw are unaware of this amazing opportunity to hone their speaking skills. I’ve already whipped up a couple of flyer designs for Legacy Owls:


I will also be designing a humongous banner that will hang off the rails for everyone in the cafeteria to see:


I’ve been connecting with so many people this week; I started with a chunk of business cards in my purse and now I’m down to two. I started this week so dismayed and now I’m radiant with optimism. I love all the opportunities that have been opening up to me.

Well, look like I’ll be turning in early tonight; that officer training seminar starts at 7:15! ( Eek! )

Atlanta Gaza Strip Protest photos

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I set up a Flickr account a couple days ago to upload pictures from the Gaza Strip protest in Atlanta last Saturday. Check them out.

Today is the 44-month anniversary between my fiance and me. Exciting! I will be taking him to a piano recital tonight at the theatre on my campus at Kennesaw. β™₯

20 Easy Handmade Gift Ideas

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I can’t believe Christmas is so close already. To an extent, I enjoy the adrenaline pump– it’s stressful but it’s been a part of the fun since I was 15. In high school, I used rush around, drawing all of my friends and family and teachers Christmas cards. I miss the tradition. Buying gifts, to me at least, just isn’t as fulfilling.

Many people have told me that they admire that I’m handmaking all my gifts this year. They wish they could do it too but they “just aren’t creative” or don’t know what they could possibly do.

So here’s a list of ideas from my own little notebook:

  1. 20 Things I Love About You For one of my friends, I write these things on little pieces of paper, rolled them up, and put them in a decorated jar I got for a dollar. Inexpensive, yet thoughtful; I got to mention things I never get the chance to mention and show my appreciation.
  2. Favors & Services These could include helping out with chores, running an errand for them, helping them on a project, helping out with homework– the possibilities are endless. πŸ™‚
  3. Baked Goods Everyone loves cookies & cupcakes!
  4. Crafts Okay, broad subject. πŸ˜› But anything can be customized. All you need are paint or markers or what-have-you and customize shirts, shoes, bags, boxes, jars, scarves, coasters, mugs, whatever. What if you’re not the artistic type? Paint a monogram, decoupage something, or use their favorite color. Check out my diy tag on Delicious for tutorials & ideas.
  5. Framed Photo Pick out a good photo of the two of you and put it in a classy or cute frame.
  6. Or photo-edit a photo of the two of you if you’re into Photoshop. See some great tutorials here.
  7. Write a poem I wrote a silly poem about another friend of mine and fashioned it into a storybook.
  8. Write a short composition piece if you’re musically inclined.
  9. Play or remake their favorite music piece
  10. Mix CDs Haha, my online friends and I used to always send each other mixed CDs and included explanations why we picked each track. For me, it opened myself up to a lot of different artists and genres. Writing your thoughts about each track is the fun part.
  11. Website One of the absolute best presents I even recieved was a website my friend Sammi made for my birthday. She set up an account on a free webhost, and compiled a small site. On it, she wrote about our friendship, included a page of my favorite anime & cartoon characters, posted favorite memories, and it was one of the most touching gifts. I couldn’t believe she worked so hard on it; it was so unexpected. πŸ™‚
  12. Message In A Bottle For my fiance one anniversary, I distressed a piece of paper by singeing it, crumpling it, and staining it and then I wrote a long love letter on it. I rolled it up, put it in a glass bottle and left it in his room. He loved it.
  13. Post “Thank you for …” stickies all over their room, even in obscure places so they can run into them later in the year.
  14. Gather famous quotes (or movie quotesΒ  if they’re movie geeks, hehe), print them on pretty or colorful paper ad cut them out. Voila! Inspiration to post around the room.
  15. Bookmarks For your bookworm friends! I drew a set of bookmarks for a friend and mounted them onto thick scrapbook papers.
  16. Buy something simple, yet thoughtful I remember reading a comment on my Facebook status update that a friend of mine liked Banana Bread Oatmeal (mmm…) so I bought him a box. When he opened it, he was thrilled and asked, “How did you know?” I told him, “I remember you mentioned it in a comment on Facebook.” He seemed flattered that I remembered such a small detail. I find that gifts based on small details like that tend to work better than details they publicize often, especially whenit comes to small, frugal gifts.
  17. Basket of comfort get a basket and fill it with things like cozy socks, fleece blankets, spa stuff (lotions, bath beads). Everyone loves a little pampering.
  18. Print out a tutorial for a craft, buy the materials, and arrange them in a basket. This is a good one for artists or people who want to get into crafts.
  19. List of favorite memories that you had together. Arrnage them on a piece of scrapbook paper or frame it.
  20. Refashion a shirt they would like or a shirt that’s gotten too big for them. You can do a bit of t-shirt surgery or make it into a pillow!

The keys to these handmade gifts are thoughtfulness and presentation. Don’t skimp on the gift-wrapping on these gifts– go the whole nine yards: bows, ribbons, tisse paper, and tags. πŸ™‚ Hope you foudn the lsit helpful! if you have other ideas, just leave a tip in the comments!

Happy for Growth!

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I am so pleased with how many people are coming to this blog. πŸ™‚ It’s a modest number but it’s growing! And I’ve already gotten a couple project offers from this blog! Thanks to those who are passing the link on!

I decided to spice up my doodles with some color in Photoshop this time. Tell me if I should do this for future doodles or if I should keep them black and white.



I started this page sketching a guy in this new style and ended up drawing a couple. I would love to do a couple commission this way.


My good friend Jared and I were at the local Starbucks, chatting and drawing. For artists who are extremely busy and needing to stop being a hermit, do a doodle jam with a friend. It’s great to be able to just draw without obligation and it’s good creative aerobics. πŸ˜‰


Again, from our coffeehouse drawing jam. I even drew a barista! Off to the right, I was trying to do Jared’s name in cool graffiti lettering.


Vanity Girl, Emo Whale, and Freedom Bird. LOL. This will not be the last of Emo Whale! Look how sad he is. 😦


These are my characters, Heart-chan and Liz. Liz doesn’t look too happy …


Incredibly random doodles from a night of sitting my my brother’s room and watching anime clips. And why yes …


… those most certainly are Madison, Jefferson, and Hamilton! I started drawing Lincoln but didn’t like how he turned out. I will have to try again in the future!

I wish I could show you some of the crafts I’ve been working on lately but alas, they are all Christmas gifts. 😦 I’ll have a showcase blog afterwards, I guess!

Why Writing Christmas Cards Warms Me Up

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Photo taken by krisdecurtis @ Flickr

Photo taken by krisdecurtis @ Flickr

My favorite part of the holidays is writing Christmas and holiday cards. πŸ™‚ Even with Facebook and email and all these methods of keeping in contact, this remains the time of year I can reach out to the people that have touched my life in some way. I write to everyone:Β  old professors, current professors, distant friends, new acquaintances, friends’ parents, old co-workers, old employers, family, friends, business contacts, and even the bank tellers and baristas I make small talk with on a regular basis.

Writing these Christmas cards allow me to slow down and focus on each individual and acknowledge them, thank them, and appreciate them. I write these cards to close distances that grow between friends and me, to thank people who have helped and/or influenced me, and to rebuild any bridges that have been burnt down between us. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to indulge in being completely sentimental without feeling like a goof. Sitting down to write these cards, I always feel a strange but strong urge to just be completely open and honest in my words. It feels so good to get them off my chest.

I hope that the recipients of my Christmas cards take pleasure in them as well. I recommend writing a card to everyone you know, especially those whom you’ve lost touch with; it is oddly liberating. πŸ™‚

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