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Rick Crain is an Action Coach who asked me to design a graphic for his presentation on team building for executives. His presentation revolves around the idea that executive success is based on the four A’s:

  • Awareness: Becoming aware of counterproductive habits
  • Adjustment: Changing those habits
  • Alignment: Optimizing your team to move towards an ultimate goal
  • Automation: Developing a committed team that can perform by itself
  • Even in our small encounters, he teaches me so much about business. I was honored to work on a project for Rick. Here are some pictures from the process:











    Post-Momocon ’09

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    First off, warmest welcomes to site visitors from Momocon!


    Had a great time at Momocon this year! That’s my fiance and me at the art table. We got to talk to so many people; it just filled me with energy! I didn’t get to make nearly as much as I did last year but I did make a lot of new connections. I can’t believe they hit 10,000 people! They’re either going to have to start charging or move to a new venue! I was impressed but I also felt bad for the staff. 😦

    So someone expressed a bit of interest in getting drawing lessons from me. If that goes well, maybe I can add that to my repertoire in the future …

    Aside from that, the highlight of the con was getting a picture with a Spiderman cosplayer and exclaiming, with a crazy grin across my face, “We’re gonna get married!

    Chiephaz Business card and Momocon posters

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    Posting two projects today. First is a business card for a hip-hop production company:


    And here are two versions of the finished Momocon poster:



    Momocon Poster: WIP

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    I’m designing a promo poster for Momocon and this is what I’ve got so far:


    The theme this year is cheesy 50s sci-fi and when I looked it up, I found this quote interesting:

    “People, by the 50s, had lost their optimistic confidence in the ability of science to fulfill all the dreams of mankind; instead, you saw science about to fulfill all the nightmares of mankind. The prospect of nuclear war . . . was hours away.” – J.G. Ballard<

    So I ran with the idea and came up with this design. 🙂 Momocon is the 14th and 15th of March; look for me in the Artist’s Alley! I will be selling commissions and prints!

    Student Business Cards

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    If you’re a student, you’re probably nearing the time of the year where career fairs and company informational events are stampeding through your campus. You need a brand for yourself. Branding is not just a business concern– you are branding yourself every day through your clothes, your participation in class, and your behavior at work. I help students with the more tangible side of branding.

    Here are a couple of business cards I’ve done in the past couple of weeks:

    Music major

    Mathematics major

    Accounting/finance major

    This blog started as a personal branding tool; I actually had no real intention to use it to start and market my business but look what it’s done! It’s been a huge component in my success. People need to know about you and retain a solid impression. I am now offering student business cards at college student prices. 😉 Contact me via email for a quote!

    Also, I’d be happy to give free advice and tips for students on how they can personally use a blog as their personal branding tool. I don’t claim to be some sort of guru but I can help where I can! 🙂

    Professor Aragorn’s Promo Poster

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    Tiara has been one of my closest friends for the past four to five years. Her dad owns a business doing magic shows for birthdays and events as “Aragorn the Magician.” This year, he wants to break into the public school and library market as “Professor Aragorn,” an educational program.

    So, to my surprise one day, he asked me to do a poster for his first show, “That Changes Everything!” The theme of the show is how idea and invention changed the world. Since it was a program for kids, I also wanted to include an element of youth empowerment.









    There were lots of changes from the prototype for various reasons, but I think it is looking fantastic so far. I loved playing with this poster. Let me know what you guys think too!

    Thrive America: The Graphic Journey

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    I’m thrilled to announce that one of my clients has released installments of his interview series, Thrive America. Brent was such a pleasure to work for and I learned so much from him just in the past two months. I wanted to exhibit the development of the Thrive America logo from the very first sketches to its debut on the Thrive America homepage.


    I drew these during the shooting of the Chris Heuser interview. Before then, I admit I had a difficult time coming up with ideas. To be immersed in the Thrive America process injected me with a geyser of ideas! I loved it.


    Brent and his team reached a consensus and shrunk the sketches down to three contestants, mixing and matching their favorite elements.



    One thing I learned while making this logo is that fonts are damn hard to match up! I made the mistake of committing to the font I had used in my sketches so I ended up frustrating myself in the end. I decided that this font was the closest I could find and that I would have to just revise my design around it.

    Still, There are something lacking in this copy. it mirrored the sketch decently but the elements seemed too detached …


    It was during this project that I also learned the value of a mentor. I met Michael Harper (Head Writer of Blank Stage but he has such an extensive resume that I don’t think any one title can contain him) and though our relationship has been short, he has given me incredible advice on freelancing. He suggested the fade in graph and I must say, it vastly improved the design.


    Big jump. The faded intersection of the rays and the graph created a novel resemblance of the US flag. Michael and I both felt that “America” was too light in the former revisions so here, I tried to add more weight. But…


    … we ultimately decided on this one. It’s simple and classic enough to capture “America” and a good contrast to the “Thrive” font.


    You can see the logo here on the Thrive America homepage. I strongly suggest both budding and seasoned entrepreneurs to check out these interviews and pick up a few tips on growing your business!

    Toastmasters Officer Conference

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    Taken by gadget_virtuouso

    Taken by gadget_virtuouso

    I went to my first networking event Saturday. Some of you may remember that I became an officer for my campus Toastmasters club last week. There was an Officers Training Conference this weekend and I had a blast meeting so many people there. I wish I brought a camera to show you how crowded the facility was.

    It was a great experience. As the conference progressed, I realized that everyone here, whether they’d been involved with Toastmasters for ten months or ten years, started where I am now. On Friday, I have my first icebreaker speech. My nerves are rattled but I feel good about it. I know I’ll feel better afterwards having done it and I’ll feel better knowing specifically what I will need to work on. Knowing that I am facing these fears with a network of supportive, empathetic people fills me up with courage.

    It also fills me up with a fresh urge to spread awareness of Toastmasters across the campus. I am so surprsied when people haven’t heard of the group, much less the fact that there is a KSU chapter. Last week, I posted sketches of the flyers and banners I designed. Here’s a copy of the banner so far:

    Legacy Owls Toastmasters

    I just need to receive the blurb about Legacy Owls and then a picture of an owl. 🙂

    I am going to record my icebreaker speech but I’m not sure at this moment whether or not I want to post it. 😉 Let’s see how it goes!

    Toastmasters Flyer & Banner Sketches

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    What an eventful week! Not only have I been officially inducted as a new member at the Cobb County Branch for Toastmasters, I am also now the Secretary for the Legacy Owls Toastmasters! Tomorrow, I will be attending a very last-minute officer training program from 8:00 am to 1:00pm. I will learn to organize notes about meetings and be in charge of marketing the club on campus; I’m always surprised to see that so many students at Kennesaw are unaware of this amazing opportunity to hone their speaking skills. I’ve already whipped up a couple of flyer designs for Legacy Owls:


    I will also be designing a humongous banner that will hang off the rails for everyone in the cafeteria to see:


    I’ve been connecting with so many people this week; I started with a chunk of business cards in my purse and now I’m down to two. I started this week so dismayed and now I’m radiant with optimism. I love all the opportunities that have been opening up to me.

    Well, look like I’ll be turning in early tonight; that officer training seminar starts at 7:15! ( Eek! )

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