I <3 Blogging Entry: The World Is Waiting For You

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Goodness, I can’t believe I am so nervous about this. I just submitted a design to the I ♥ Blogging contest; mind you, I haven’t been in a art/design contest for a years.

The original:


The entry file:


My comments: Blogging is a phenomenon that lets ordinary individuals spread their ideas throughout the world. You don’t have to be a politician or a celebrity to be heard. You don’t need a personal jet. The blogosphere tears down geographic boundaries and this revolution is illustrated in my “I ❤ Blogging” entry. Blogging flattens the globe and is quickly changing the way we give and receive information.

Wish me luck!


Student Business Cards

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If you’re a student, you’re probably nearing the time of the year where career fairs and company informational events are stampeding through your campus. You need a brand for yourself. Branding is not just a business concern– you are branding yourself every day through your clothes, your participation in class, and your behavior at work. I help students with the more tangible side of branding.

Here are a couple of business cards I’ve done in the past couple of weeks:

Music major

Mathematics major

Accounting/finance major

This blog started as a personal branding tool; I actually had no real intention to use it to start and market my business but look what it’s done! It’s been a huge component in my success. People need to know about you and retain a solid impression. I am now offering student business cards at college student prices. 😉 Contact me via email for a quote!

Also, I’d be happy to give free advice and tips for students on how they can personally use a blog as their personal branding tool. I don’t claim to be some sort of guru but I can help where I can! 🙂

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